The easiest way to globally
accept & disburse digital payments in Africa.
Accept, process and disburse secure digital payments for your businesses - No bureaucracy, No paperwork, No Setup Fees or hidden documentation.


Build custom payment experiences

We provide you with all the technical infrastructure, tools, APIs and services to build a global online business. What will you build?

Consumer Payments

Accept payments on your website or help users send money and pay bills.


Help consumers and businesses access capital through a streamlined experience.

Business Finance

Help businesses manage their expenses, pay bills, do bookkeeping and send payroll.

Personal Finance

Help users manage, budget, and make sense of their money.


We simplify payments

Building a business is challenging enough. Payments & disbursements doesn't have to be!

Signup with no hassle

Start receiving payments in less than 5 minutes


Create a payment page / Integration

Get paid

Receive payments without a website

Create and share a payment link with your customers through the means where you communicate with them.

WhatsApp / Instagram / Messenger



Receive payment in your online store or application

If you already have an online shop, mobile or web application, you can integrate Epay to receive or disburse payments


PHP / Javascript / Python

Android / IOS

Receive money in your bank or Mobile Money Wallet

We deposit your money in your bank or mobile money wallet





Simple and Transparent

We only get paid when you get paid!

Mobile Money

per transaction

Each momo transaction is capped by mobile money provider

Support for Multi-currencies but settled in Cedis by default

Get paid with any mobile money wallet in Ghana


2.5% & 3.5%
per Local and International Transaction respectively

Get paid by your customers from all over the world

A card transaction is capped by card holder's bank

Support for Multi-currencies but settled in Cedis by default


Full Control

Unlike other systems that offer limited flexibility and customization, the only constraint with Epay is your imagination. Build branded Omni-channel experiences by integrating Epay with the other elements of your business.


Not a Developer?

Although an Epay integration requires you to either be, or hire, a developer, you have many alternatives. Using our pre-built checkout page known as Payment Pages, you can securely, globaly and instantly accept payments without writing code or having a website.

Beautiful Checkout Pages

Fully Customizable

Embeddable In a website

Social Media Payments

Platform Independent


Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not find an answer to your question in this section, do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp / Call (+233 50 822 0167).

How do I start?

You only need to Signup. No bureaucracy, paperwork or hidden documentation

How much does Epay charge per payment I receive?

Kindly refer to the pricing section for more information.

Do I pay a setup or monthly fee?

There are no monthly charges or setup fees.

How do I get settled?

You can at any time transfer funds paid into your Epay wallet, to your Bank Account or Mobile money wallet. Transfers are free!

How long does it take for a transaction to reflect on my account?

Payments settles instantly in your Epay wallet! Should you encouter any issues, do not hesitate to contact us via Whatsapp/Call (+233 50 822 0167)

How secure is Epay?

Transaction details are encrypted and transfered securely to our processors, Card payments are 3D secure paired with One Time Passwords to authorize transactions, protecting you from charge backs.

How do I recieve payments?

You can share the link of your payment page using your favourite method (WhatsApp,Twitter,Instagram etc), embed your payment page on your website or Integrate our APIs in your application.

How do I recieve payments on my online store?

We have plugins for popular e-commerce management platforms such as WooCommerce. Checkout our docs on that here

How do I receive payments in my web or mobile application?

You can use our pre-built libraries or directly integrate our APIs. Read more on our Docs here You can also contact us via WhatsApp / Call (+233 50 822 0167) to discuss how best we can help you integrate.


Our commitment to consumers

We believe everyone has the fundamental right to access the best financial technology that enables them to live a healthy financial life.